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Home Facilities Contact Us About Us Activities Art & Craft Sponsors

Craft Work

Craft Studios are made available to local artists and instructors from which they offer lessons in a variety of arts and crafts.  You can book lessons in advance, anything from water colour and oil painting to carpet making and pottery.


Our dedicated studios are for Patchwork Quilting Studio and Music Recording Studio.  Our in-house staff run these facilities, whereas local residents run workshops for many other arts and crafts.

We have four multi-purpose craft studios adjacent to the recreation centre, so that parents can take lessons in the various options, while watching over their children playing on the swings and climbing frames or splashing in the natural pool.

We aim to encourage people of all ages, nationalities and abilities to socialise.

We have oil, water-colour and acrylic painting, sketching, pastel work, tile painting, mosaic tiling, lace making, wool and yarn spinning, cork fabric craft, several recycled material crafts, African drumming, wooden jigsaw work, model making and marquetry - cutting out shapes from a selection of wood veneers and making pictures on a wooden frame.

We will have annual events such as Mediterranean Gardens, Herb Growing, Allotment construction and maintenance and many others.

Our dedicated Patchwork Quilting Studio has 10 work stations with deep throats suitable for larger quilts and a long-arm sewing machine with rollers and a laser guidance system.  Quilters can plan their annual work schedule around this studio, to allow them to finish their quilts on our long-arm machine, getting it complete in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Our recording studio has a twelve track hard disc based system, and we have used it to create and modify backing tracks for several professional singers based in the Algarve.  For an example of our work, please go to:

www.richybassett.com where you can find a selection of songs made famous by various artists, and recorded by our own Engineer, Richard Bassett - Hotel Managing Director.